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So… und jetzt wieder richtig Schwung holen!


Wir waren in den letzten Monaten nicht besonders gesprächig. Und Ja! Wir haben uns schon viel zu lange nicht mehr gesehen. Und wir sehen das genau wie ihr: Ohne Konzerte ist das Leben deutlich langweiliger. Nicht mal proben geht. Leider wird das wohl auch noch eine Weile so bleiben. Caramba, Corona! Aber wir waren und sind nicht untätig, God knows.

Gerade holen wir wieder Schwung. Die Presse weiß schon, dass wir an neuen Songs arbeiten und mit ein bisschen Glück sehen wir uns bald auch auf Konzerten wieder. Also los 2021, gib dir mal ´n bisschen Mühe.

Und Ihr da draußen: Nicht den Humor verlieren. Schön viel Musik hören und dazu häufig durch die Wohnung tanzen. Martens putzen. Hemden bügeln. Nicht so häufig aufregen. Alles wird gut.

Bis bald :-)

Let’s get things going again!

We haven’t been particularly chatty over the past few months. And yes! We haven’t seen each other for a loooong time. And we probably see it just like you do: without concerts, life is very boring. We can’t even rehearse at the moment. Unfortunately it will stay like that for a while. Caramba, Corona! But we were and are not inactive, God knows.

We are currently gaining some speed again. The press already knows that we are working on new songs and with a little luck we will soon meet again at concerts. So go ahead, 2021, give yourself a little effort!

This is for all of you out there: don’t lose your sense of humor. Listen to a lot of music and  dance around your apartment. Clean your Martens. Iron your shirts. Don’t get upset that often. Everything will be fine.

See you soon :-)

Thank U, K!

Thank you, Kingdom! We´re back from UK safe and sound and have to say: This was a blast. Let´s do it again. Thanks to the Coventry Dresden Exchange, Nikolai PressThe Tin Music and Arts and the supercool Barbdwire for your support. It was a pleasure to play in the hometown of bands like The Specials, The Selector… the epicentre of 2Tone ska music.

AND THEN THIS HAPPENED: We supported THE SPECIALS at NOV 12th 2019 and we are still paralized. Stunning moments we´ve been through. Now words to describe this fxckxng extraordinary night…

See you soon. Stay rude…

Die Coventry-Connection…

Wir sind wieder gesund und munter von unserer England-Tour zurückgekehrt. Fazit … England kann was und das war sicher nicht unsere letzte Tour in UK. Wir möchten uns aber nochmal ganz herzlich bei der Stadt Dresden für die Unterstützung im Rahmen des Coventry Dresden Exchange, bei Nikolai Press, beim Club The Tin Music and Arts und der Band Barbdwire für die Hilfe vor Ort bedanken. Für uns war es eine große Ehre in Coventry zu spielen, in der Stadt, die Bands wie The Specials oder The Selecter hervorgebracht hat und damit zweifellos als Wiege des 2Tone gelten darf.

UND DANN IST DAS NOCH PASSIERT: Wir haben das THE SPECIALS Konzert am 12.11.19 im Alten Schlachthof Dresden eröffnet. Wir sind immer noch völlig von der Rolle… fällt einem kein Text dazu ein! War einfach geil…





We´re so proud and happy to announce that we´ll support the legendary UK Ska pioneers THE SPECIALS: NOV 12th at the Alter Schlachthof Dresden. Doors open from 7pm. Stage on fire from 8pm. Looking forward to see you all skanin´with us.

Catch tickets here!

God save the date – We do England!

Long time no hear but here are breaking news: We are going on tour in the UK! See us live on stage and skank with us on NOV 1st at The Tin Music and Arts in Coventry together with Barbdwire – thanks to the partnership fund of the cities of Coventry and Dresden – and at the Magic Garden in London on NOV 2nd.

We have free dates. Book us now for OCT 30 and 31. Just get in touch with us!

Bye Bye 2018. Welcome 2019!

An euch alle: Wir möchten uns für ein tolles Jahr 2018 bedanken und wünschen euch und uns alles Gute, jede Menge Spaß, Musik, Liebe und Frieden. Lasst euch nicht von jeder Kleinigkeit stressen und regt euch nicht über alles auf. Schlagt mal anständig über die Strenge und seid später nachsichtig, wenn andere das auch tun. Wir versuchen unser bestes, uns selbst an unsere guten Ratschläge zu halten. Wir sehen uns hoffentlich bald wieder und tanzen und feiern miteinander. Bis dahin… HAPPY NEW YEAH!




Lasst uns froh und munter sein, denn unsere neue Scheibe ist da! Als LP/CD/digital über den Plattenladen eures Vertrauens, den PorkPie Store, Amazon oder iTunes – unseren eigenen neuen Shop:

We are about to celebrate the release of Too Fucked To Go! Go get your LP/CD copy or digital music at your local dealer, Amazon or iTunes or our brandnew webshop:




The greatest gift YELLOW CAP could make to themselves for their 20th anniversary is their fifth studio album TOO FUCKED TO GO, to be released on November 30, 2018 via Pork Pie/Broken Silence (CD/LP/mp3 Release).

In 1998, at the close of the millennium, YELLOW CAP were founded in Görlitz, Saxony. Not satisfied with just listening to ska and waiting for occasional concerts in the region, they wanted to spread their own Jamaican-English sounds along the German-Polish border. 20 years, five albums and many tours later, the nine musicians from Görlitz, Dresden and Berlin are now taking another big step.

Just in time for Christmas 2018, the new album TOO FUCKED TO GO will be released via the traditional German ska label Pork Pie ( The 14 songs, recorded in the LBUM Studio and the Tonbrauerei in Berlin, present a return to the origins of European ska in England, without missing the playfulness and openness

also inherent in other styles of music. The sound has become rougher, more genuine – you can tell that many of the instruments were recorded live and together.

A lot has also happened in terms of the lyrics – the social developments in Germany have left their mark, as in a clear statement on
cosmopolitanism in “Safe & Sound”, the rethinking of one’s own point of view in “Bittersweet Candy” or the longing for exotic places in “Beachboys’ Dream”.

Those who are tempted to think the nine offbeat maniacs have finally grown up, are taught of a better by the title song of the album TOO FUCKED TO GO (already released as a video single: A pub is packed with exuberant people, the music is way too loud and nobody is thinking about – or even capable of – going home: Too fucked to go!

The record cover was designed by the extraordinary Brazilian artist “Shiron the Iron”, a friend of the band’s, who also contrived the last single cover and spent time with the band during the 2018 tour of Brazil.

TOO FUCKED TO GO – The new single out now!

tftg_600x600All the work has been done, it’s Friday night … A small pub, packed with drunk people, the music is much too loud und nobody is thinking about – or even capable of – going home. Too fucked to go! I meet a friend at we have a beer or two, maybe ten!The night belongs to us – everybody knows this feeling, for some of us it’s been a while, some of us do it every night. Remembering the beginnings of European ska in England, YELLOW CAP pay homage not only to the two tone scene of the late 70s but also to the working class attitude that these bands referred to.

The sound is rougher, more to the core – you can tell that the instruments were recorded live and together as a band, not instrument by instrument, self-produced in the LBUM Studios in Berlin. The single will be released through the German ska label PORK PIE as a download. Thanks to the people at the AJZ Talschock in Chemnitz where the video was recorded. The TOO FUCKED TO GO cover has been designed by the extraordinary Brazilian artist “Shiron the Iron”, a friend of the band, who already was responsible for the last single’s cover and spent time with the band during this year’s Brazil tour.

We´re so proud and happy! Stay tuned and skank on.


We want to thank: